The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei (SCCT) works to promote and assist Swedish and Sweden-related companies on the Taiwanese market. Our goal is to provide the best possible services for our members.

By studying and advancing the commercial and industrial relations between Sweden and Taiwan, we are able to provide our member companies with a platform for making their voices heard among decision-makers.

We put significant time and effort into promoting Sweden culturally, as strengthening the Sweden brand is of high importance and value both to us and our member companies. This goal is achieved by arranging trade fairs providing marketing opportunities for our brands and the Sweden brand in general. Our biggest such event is the annual Sweden Day Taiwan event.

We also organize events of a more social nature. These events are aimed both at the Swedish community here in Taiwan and people of other nationalities with an interest in Sweden. They include midsummer celebrations and an annual crayfish party and can be seen as part of our cultural mission.

In short, we connect Sweden and Taiwan.

Fredrik Boye is the CEO of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Chamber.

To study, protect, promote, extend, and advance the commercial and industrial relations, as well as investment and trade of Sweden-related organizations and other interested organizations in the interest of members and at the discretion of the Chamber.

1. Stakeholder Relations: To create and guide relations with other chambers, government bodies, legislative and advisory organizations, think tanks bodies and any parties affecting members’ interests.

2. Database Management: To collect, evaluate and disseminate among its members statistical and other information concerning commerce or other matters of interest to the membership

3. To promote the interest of members through events, publications, representation or other activities.

4. Social Events: To organize regular luncheon meetings, social meetings and discussions, delegations, exhibitions, lectures or seminars, and other events of interest to the membership.

5. To exchange information among members about business practices and regulations in Taiwan.

6. To promote Swedish cultural and values as a way to strengthen the Swedish brand for the benefit of members. Examples: but not limited to,

a. CSR

b. Sustainability and environmental responsibility

c. Equal opportunity

d. Business ethics

e. Swedish traditions

7. External Communications: To publish and circulate journals and a newsletter or other publications that the Chamber thinks desirable for the promotion of its business to relevant stakeholders

8. Internal Communications: To provide a forum for communication among Members

More info can be found in Articles of Association here. English version is for information only, original is in Chinese

Fredrik Boye 柏宜德


Board of directors

Hugo Asplund


Emily Wang

Vice Chairman

Glenn Lio (劉少浡)

Matty Guthartz Pålsson (馬迪)

Kamlarp Sirikittiwatn

Leo Fan

Robin Johansson

Thomas Shaw

Board of supervisors

Charles Chang

Hank Lin

Other staff

Julia Bergström 尤麗雅

Project Coordinator